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The engineers at Lenstec developed the “visible” Capsular Tension Ring so that surgeons can focus on the implantation procedure rather than looking for the ring. Type LR‑1300B and LR-1400B are made of blue PMMA material. They offer high flexibility, high memory control and are easy to insert manually or with any available injector.


Both designs are applicable when the zonules are missing or damaged, in cases of lens luxation, during phaco complications, zonular breakage during sudden unfolding of a foldable lens, for repositioning of a lens or if decentration of same.


Other uses apply for myopia, pseudoexfoliation, eyes undergoing vitrectomy and trauma. The implantation of each design offers various advantages: force distribution acting on the cataract and capsule circumferentially along the entire device, less risk of capsular shrinking, less risk of capsular fibrosis, and safer IOL centration.

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