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Welcome to the “Click"


Patented Haptic Control System

Increases delivery consistency in C Loop* lens profiles



No handling of the lens


Micro Incision

2mm tip for micro incision


OVD Free

Self-lubricating chamber


Multi Product Platform

Compatible with numerous Lenstec products


Double Click Indicator

Provides audible reassurance of successful preparation


Easy Glide Injection

Compressible injector tip to aid smooth delivery of the lens


Slow Release Spring

Stops the lens “shooting” out of the injector

Advancing lens delivery in to a new era...

Lenstec has taken lens injection beyond the pre-loaded generation, using patented innovation to develop the Click™ system; a pan-range platform to introduce multiple lens designs through the same injection system.


The Click™ Haptic Control System allows delivery of C-Loop* lenses with increased consistency whilst the Easy Glide Tip comfortably condenses when transitioning through the injector, to deliver a smooth consistent motion.


To complete the injection process, the slow-release spring provides controlled and consistent delivery of the lens ensuring its soft tip does not protrude from the cartridge.


The Click™ provides zero handling of the implant, with

a one-system-fits all platform, reducing the need for theatres to hold multiple products at the same time, eliminating potential errors using the incorrect lens/injector combination.


With Click™ it's possible to totally regulate the procedure using the same knife, hand piece, incision, and injector for all compatible lenses.

*The patented control system is not necessary for plate haptic design IOL's

Loading Video for C-loop design IOL

Click is compatible with the following IOL's
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