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Hydrophobic Bi-Aspheric Intraocular Lens

  • Designed to be the most accurate IOL with patented bi-aspheric design with square edge technology.

  • ​Zero spherical aberration. 

  • A patented HD optic design. 

  • Low dysphotopsia.

  • A very small defocus, which translates to a sharper image along the optical axis of the lens and improves contrast and visual acuity (based on Through-Focus MTF). 

  • Greater precision due to quarter diopter increments

  • Tighter manufacturing dioptre tolerance within +/- 0.11 D

  • Greater precision due to 0.25 dioptre increments

  • Tighter manufacturing dioptre tolerances within +/-0.11

  • ¼ D increments and +/-0.11D variance combined; provides greater accuracy and improved patient outcomes

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